Il Chow chow: standard ufficiale

Appearance and general characteristics

Country of origin: China, patronage: Britain.
Compact, with short trunk, well-proportioned, looking lion and the proud bearing and dignified; solid structure; tail carried over the dorso.Unico stiff gait, as if walking on stilts and independent temperament, loyal and detached.


Head and skull

Skull flat and broad; Stop not pronounced; full under the eyes. Muzzle moderate in length, broad between the eyes and the end, never pointed, as in Spitz. Nose wide and very distinctive black, except in subjects cream and almost white, in which it is permissible to light color, and the blue and fawn subjects, where it is the same color as the coat.



Dark, almond-shaped, rather small and clear. The colored eyes are permitted in blue and fawn subjects. There should be no trace of entropion.



Small, thick, slightly rounded at the tip, carried erect and well spaced, but oblique forward over eyes and slightly convergent, to give the frown characteristic of the breed. The frown must never be born of the detached skin folds.



Teeth strong, complete, regular, well aligned incisors perpendicular to the closure scissors jaws. Palate and black-bluish language, preferably black gums and lips.



Robust, muscular, not short, well attached to the shoulders and slightly arched.



Muscular shoulders and oblique. Limbs perfectly straight, of moderate length, with good bone structure.



Chest broad and profondo.Costale well arched but not barrel. Short, strong and horizontal back. Reni robust.



Muscular; hocks lying flat, with minimum angle to give the typical gait effect “on stilts”. The limbs are straight from hock to the ground and the hocks never flexed forward.


Tail and feet

Tail: Set on high, carried over the back.
Feel: Small, round, “cat”, well supported on the fingers.



The hair may be long or short:

a)Long: dense, abundant, straight and erect. The outer coat is quite rough to the touch, the undercoat is soft and woolly. The coat is particularly thick around the neck, to form the characteristic mane, and back of the thighs, as culotte;

b)Short: Short, abundant, dense, straight, erect, not flat, plush-like in tatto.Sono to be avoided, however, penalized, artificial shearing that alter the shape and the natural expression of the dog.



It can be one color: black, red, blue, cinnamon, cream or white. Often is gradient, but must never be in spots or in more colors. The bottom of the tail and behind the thighs the color often has a lighter shade.



Male: cm 48-56 at the withers.

Female: cm 46-51 at the withers.



Good watchdog

Other quality



Any deviation from the standard is considered a fault which must be penalized according to the severity.
Note: Male should have two apparently normal testicles fully descended into the scrotum.
( Standard FCI n° 205/b- 24 giugno 1987).


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